How Instagram’s Product Tagging Can Increase Business

Instagram recently announced the expansion of its in-app shopping to IGTV and Reels. Previously, the in-app shop and its product tagging feature were only available on grid posts and Stories. Now, businesses can tag products showcased in videos to their shop, allowing viewers to purchase the item directly on Instagram. These Reels and IGTV videos will live on the marketer’s profile, allowing customers to come back and view the product again if they wish. This allows marketers to have more opportunities to tag items on more permanent content, in addition to Stories that disappear within 24 hours.

Customers may now have an easier time locating and buying products from brands and creators they follow. At the same time, businesses can see potential growth in purchases due to increased convenience if the brand chooses to utilize this feature. Incorporating product tagging into posts can only help, not hurt, marketers in the long run.

Convenience Is Key

Expanding product tagging across the app is a benefit to both marketers and buyers. With this expansion, almost every tab in the Instagram app gives users the opportunity to buy items that catch their eye. Stories, IGTV, Reels, and the Shop tab located at the top of the user’s explore page have implemented the product tagging and in-app shopping features. If users have updated their Instagram app since November 12th, they may also find the Shop tab located at the bottom of their home screen for added convenience.

Businesses can use this to their advantage and create a series of videos on either IGTV or Reels that showcase their products in a way that attracts customers. If a user is interested in what they’re seeing, they can click on the product tag and buy the item within seconds. Customers will have the option to complete transactions directly on Instagram with the app’s checkout feature or be taken to the seller’s website. 

Directly linking a product eliminates any time wasted and any sales missed. Before, people would have to click the link in the business’ bio and then search through the seller’s website for the product they wish to purchase. If they cannot find it, the brand can lose a potential sale. With product tagging, people have a direct link to the item they want and can purchase it without any confusion in the process. 

Eliminating the number of steps it takes to buy an item is a plus for both the buyer and seller due to the convenience of purchasing an item without leaving the app. A simple, obstacle-free transaction is likely to increase purchases and decrease customers’ frustrations when searching for the item they wish to purchase. 

Enabling Product Tagging

It is important to note that businesses must take a few steps before they can utilize this feature. Brands must confirm their eligibility to apply for Instagram Shops. To be eligible, brands must follow Instagram’s commerce policy and merchant agreement. Next, the business must convert its Instagram account to a professional one through the app’s Settings. 

Once the merchant has confirmed its eligibility and converted their account to a business one, the seller must connect the business’ Facebook page. The reason for this is because the products tagged come from a Facebook catalog. 

After all of that is said and done, the marketer must submit their account for review and request Instagram Shopping. Once approved, the business can turn on and can begin tagging products. For more information on applying or learning about the steps to take, click here.

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