Why It’s Important to Have a Webmaster on Your Team

Today’s world allows consumers to practically do all tasks from the comfort of their home computer or mobile device. Have you ever visited a website and noticed how quickly it loads, how visible all the important information is, and how seamless site navigation is? This is why it’s crucial for any website’s user experience to be up to par. Having a talented and knowledgeable Webmaster keeps your site running smoothly and generates/fosters trust with new and returning customers. Let’s take a look at a few key elements a Webmaster addresses for car dealership websites on a day-to-day basis.

Site Audits

An audit is a term that can be a little scary, but when it comes to maintaining a website, it is essential! Most Webmasters typically run “crawls” on a website to check for broken links, 404 error codes, and anything that isn’t functioning properly. Performing a site audit helps with Google rankings, efficiency, and overall site visibility. Think of site audits like getting a “tune-up” on your vehicle. It’s a necessary function that helps keep the car working at its optimal efficiency.

System Management

Webmasters play a critical role in adding car specials, coupons, and service/parts banners to automotive websites. Working in the backend of different CMS platforms, communicating with clients, or reaching out to CMS support takes a great deal of technical savvy.  If there is a page on a site that is in need of a CTA or increased mobile functionality, Webmasters have the tools and know-how to address any issue. Webmasters also take pride in ensuring their websites’ design flows smoothly and turns visits into conversions.

Google Analytics

Metrics are key to understanding and maintaining a healthy website. Google Analytics is a powerful metrics tool that allows you to see how users interact with your site. Google Analytics also automatically collects data, customizes reports, and so much more! Webmasters use this phenomenal tool to check to see that CTAs are tracking properly, forms are being filled out, and which landing pages receive the most traffic. Using this tool helps to keep your website functioning and running smoothly.

Having a skilled Webmaster on your team can help your overall website’s appearance, health, design, and ability to convert. To learn how a Webmaster can better benefit your digital marketing endeavors, contact Aronson Advertising today! Give website experts a call at (847)-297-1700 or fill out our contact form.

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