The Importance of Quality vs. Quantity in Social Media Marketing

Within the sphere of the internet, human attention spans are fleeting and will slip through unprepared fingers. In addition, evolving algorithms on social media platforms are edging out business posts in favor of personal connections. By taking the time to plan and craft quality social media posts, your business can gain an edge among the chorus of digital voices.

The numbers of social media

How many digital voices are there?

  • From January 2016 to January 2018, global social media use increased 34 percent.
  • Social media users number 3.1 billion worldwide, including 2.9 billion mobile social media users.
  • Unique mobile users number 5.3 billion worldwide.

With the proliferation of smartphones at various price points, the number of mobile social media users is expected to rise. While this bodes well for social media marketers, one must not forget to factor in the 65 million local business pages on Facebook, which, assuming each social media user is on Facebook, equals one local business Facebook page per 47 people.

In addition, users spend an average of 45 minutes on social media each day. As interacting with friends and family is the main priority for social media users, each business has scant time to capture the attention of social media users.

Facebook algorithm changes

In an attempt to get through to social media users, it was once common for social media marketers to post multiple times per day, or post the same content several times a week. In the summer of 2016, social media giant Facebook rolled out algorithm changes that made posts of friends and family a heavy priority in the newsfeeds of Facebook users. For business pages, the new Facebook algorithm contributed to a decline in organic reach for posts and paid reach for ads.

In January 2018, the chairman and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced a plan to take the newsfeed algorithm changes even further, noting that “…public content—posts from businesses, brands and media—is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.” Social media marketers may read these words as a challenge, but Zuckerberg continued with a hint. “…The public content you see more will be held to the same standard—it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

In summation, the Facebook algorithm will favor business page posts that connect with people on an emotional level.

What is a quality social media post?

With these points in mind, the smart social media marketer develops a social media plan that empathizes quality over quantity. There is only a brief opportunity to connect with social media users, so make it count. But what defines a quality social media post?

  • Images: High quality photographs and videos are the quickest way to capture attention. Draw the eyes of social media users with bright, crisp, well-composed images that showcase your product or service in stunning new ways. Keep in mind the psychology of color and how it associates with your product or service.
  • Text: Brief, concise text is best for posts, with 40 to 80 characters being the sweet spot. An eye-catching opener that leads right to the point of your post is an ideal formula. The text of the post should tie in with the images used in your post.
  • Tone: The attitude of your post should be upbeat, inspirational, educational, nostalgic, poignant, witty, or humorous. While negative tones such as grief and anger can work for journalistic publications, businesses should avoid these tones as they may create an unfortunate lasting association with your product or service. Keep the tone of each post straightforward—don’t try to cram multiple moods into one post or the end result will come across as awkward and confusing. Furthermore, aim to keep a relatively consistent tone across your social media platforms—if your tone varies wildly from post to post, then your business’s personality comes across as internally conflicted, which may lead to users questioning whether they want to use your products or services.
  • Link: Include a call-to-action with a button or link. Links must be relevant to your post, and ideally lead to a clear, attractive landing page that follows SEO best practices. Your link should be shortened using a link shortener such as Bitly or Google’s link shortener. Shortened links lend a crisp, professional appearance to your social media post and entice clicking.
  • Pressure: Don’t pitch your product or service to social media users with each post. Schedule days to share beautiful images or interesting relevant articles for a simple human connection. Envision your business’s social media as a digital showroom: very few, if any, people would enjoy a salesperson constantly pursuing them. Be sure to follow the quality guidelines for these posts even though these posts may not lead to assisted conversions for your business.

The formula above may be adjusted slightly for different social media platforms, but the raw ingredients remain unchanged. View your business’s social media presence as a curation of the best imagery, landing pages, and specials your company has to offer; take pride in it and over time social media users will notice and engage with your business’s social media accounts, which in turn will lead to a positive long-term impression of your business. In addition, quality organic engagement on Facebook will result in your business page gaining favor with the platform’s new algorithms, ultimately giving your brand a positive boost.

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