Importance of Click-To-Call In The Auto Industry

The world is going mobile. Everywhere you look, users want instant gratification through instant results. Click-to-calls (CTCs) are a great way to track calls to your business, whether you’re an automotive dealership, local business, or global corporation. The team at Aronson Advertising uses CTC as a means to show our automotive clients the leads they are getting from their digital campaigns.

A CTC is an embedded link that instantly allows users to directly connect to your dealership. In the automotive digital marketing space, a CTC is the driver of a direct phone lead. In fact, we have found that a CTC is one of the top performing calls-to-action that we use. Today, we will be taking a look at the benefits as well as a few challenges in utilizing CTCs.

Benefits of Using Click-To-Call

There are several benefits of CTC, and dealerships can see results almost immediately. First, using CTC is the easiest way for the users to connect to your dealership. Users want instant communication, and with a CTC feature, the user can get in direct contact with a click of a button. From your point of view, you have an immediate lead that is potentially ready to buy.

Another benefit of CTCs is that they can easily be added onto virtually any page of your website, including Service, Financing, Inventory, Parts, & Specials pages. A CTC can also be added into your website in a variety of ways, such as linkable text in your content, clickable buttons, and clickable icons.

You have the unique opportunity to tailor CTCs to fit nearly any page, as well as direct users to the relevant department number. For example, ‘Contact A Service Technician’ will direct users to the Service department, or ‘Contact our Finance Department’ will go to the Finance department.

Challenges of Using Click-To-Call

There are several key aspects to keep in mind when incorporating CTCs throughout your website. Phone lines need to be readily available during business hours. If your phone line is busy or no one answers, the user could look elsewhere, and you may lose a lead. It is also very important to consider that if you change your number (for example, using a new local number or for updated tracking number), you will need to update all CTCs in any HTML or text format throughout your site.

Drive More Leads

A CTC is the key element to a direct phone lead that provides instant results for users. While there are challenges, a CTC can improve your lead generation with proper implementation throughout your dealership website.

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