How to Utilize Facebook Ad Settings

Do you thrive on exposing your Facebook messages to people who genuinely take interest in your content? Through the utilization of Facebook ad settings, the social media experts at Aronson Advertising gain valuable impressions, and increase the chances of leads and other valuable engagement metrics. Below are a few essential Facebook ad settings to consider prior to publishing any Facebook ad.

Essential Facebook Ad Settings

Once you’ve chosen the campaign’s objective such as brand awareness, traffic to a website, engagement, lead generation, conversions, or store visit, the next step is to target the ad. Simple demographics such as age, gender, and geographical location are the primary settings that are commonly utilized while targeting an ad. Advertisers can also target connections to the page such as reaching people that have already liked the page or friends of people that have liked the page.

Detailed Targeting

After deciding on the campaign objective, the location, age, and gender settings, detailed targeting metrics are added. Demographics, Interest, and Behaviors are the main categories for detailed targeting under the Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Ad Demographics are important because they help advertisers better understand their audience, and give guidance on how to edit and amplify their content. The Demographics settings will spotlight the following details:

  • Education
  • Financial Grade
  • Living Conditions
  • Live Events
  • Family Status
  • Politics
  • Relationships
  • Employment

Facebook Ad Interests are imperative because they allow advertisers to present their product or service to users who may have not heard of them before, but have shown interest in pages alike. The Interest settings will focus on users attentiveness to specific interest such as:

  • Business & Industry
  • Entertainment
  • Family & Relationships
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Food & Drink
  • Hobbies & Activities
  • Shopping & Fashion
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Technology

Facebook Ad Behaviors are crucial as they give advertisers the ability to reach users that have corresponding characteristics connecting users to the Facebook ad content. The Behaviors settings will allow advertisers to target users that match key aspects including:

  • Anniversaries
  • Automotive
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Charitable Donations
  • Consumer Classification
  • Digital Activities
  • Expats
  • Financial
  • Job Roles
  • Media
  • Mobile Device Users
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Travel

There is a search bar at the top of the detailed targeting table that allows advertisers to easily type in a specific demographic, interest, or behavior. Facebook Business Manager will also provide suggestions for an ad under the suggestions tab on the table.

After selecting the detailed targeting for an ad, advertisers have the option to save and label the audience. This is beneficial if a business is running the same ad, or similar ads, for the same demographics. By saving the audience, it’s easy to avoid having to filter the settings for each new ad that’s created. Saving an audience aids in the ability to easily access archived audiences, and seamlessly select the corresponding spectators.

Proper use of Facebook ad settings in combination with detailed ad targeting will elevate your Facebook ad insights, while showcasing engagement and results from users that have a genuine interest in the content. If you want to see your campaign results improve, invest in Facebook ads that reach users that are attracted to your messages.

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