How to Repurpose Marketing Content

Every marketer strives to curate original material that captures and converts. But what happens to content when it becomes dated, irrelevant, or stops performing? Make the most of your marketing efforts by putting a new spin on old material to continue driving leads. By reformatting content into different mediums, you’ll reach new audiences, stretch resources, reduce creation time, increase topic authority, and reinforce your overall message. There’s no doubt that repurposing marketing content is an art. However, it’s one that’s easy to learn with these simple steps.

Step 1: Determine What Content is Still Relevant

Deciding which marketing materials qualify for repurposing is critical. Selecting irrelevant content ties up resources that would be better allocated elsewhere, not to mention generating fewer leads and conversions. To avoid these pitfalls and maximize your time, focus repurposing efforts on evergreen content. This type of material is either high quality, has room for further discussion, aligns with current trends or issues, is a previous top-performing page, or is a combination of the above. Focusing your time on evergreen content is the first step to successfully repurposing previously used material and generating new prospects.

Step 2: Replace Obsolete Data & References

The second step to repurposing content is to replace outdated facts and references. Not only will this breathe new life and relevancy into previously obsolete campaigns, but also prepare material for its most important transformation yet.

Step 3: Give Content a New Lease on Life

Now that your material has been revamped, it’s crucial to revitalize old campaigns beyond syndicating posts. Try the creative reformatting ideas below to give your old qualifying content a fresh start.

  • Blog to Podcast – Turning a blog into a podcast episode enables listeners to tune in during daily commutes, exponentially increasing your material’s exposure.
  • Key Slide or Statistic to Infographic – Infographics are a great way to quickly convey information in an easily digestible format. They’re also the perfect size for sharing on social media.
  • Lengthy Blog to Mini-Series or Whitepaper – Transforming a lengthy post into a mini-blog-series or whitepaper prevents readers from becoming overwhelmed with information.
  • Stats to Social Post – Does your company have unique qualifications, interesting facts, or research gathering dust? Share them via social blasts to spread awareness.
  • Top Posts to Tips & Tricks Newsletter – Creating a tips and tricks newsletter email can revitalize page views on old content that historically performed well.
  • Testimonial to Case Study – Have glowing reviews from clients? Share their experiences in case studies so potential leads know what you’re capable of.
  • Video to Bite-Size Snippets – Breaking up a full-length video is ideal for viewers to digest key points on a tight schedule or learn about specific subtopics.
  • Video to Blog – With a little time, any video can be transcribed with added notes that drive home crucial points and support your overall campaign.
  • Webinar to Video Tutorial – Making prior live presentations available as video tutorials increases potential viewers who couldn’t make the initial webinar. It also allows your audience to review key points that may have been missed the first time around.

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