How Google Analytics Can Boost Your Social Game

In social media marketing, using the right tools can give you an edge over your competitors. Imagine tracking which links garnered the most Facebook traffic during the first half of 2018, seeing which URL was the biggest hit on Instagram, or discovering the bounce rate of a webpage you shared on all your social channels. Google Analytics allows you to do all this, and much more! Knowing how to take advantage of the wealth of data Google Analytics offers will allow you to adjust your social campaigns for optimal results.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that allows users to track relevant data such as page sessions (i.e., visits), average session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, and how your audience navigates your website, as well as who your primary audience is by location, demographics, and interests. Users can also see what devices page visitors are using and take advantage of this information to determine which pages may be better optimized for mobile users.

For a deeper look at website data, Google Analytics users can compare data from specific date ranges in order to determine trends over time, and also filter out or funnel down to specific sets of data.

While all these features may sound daunting, the intuitive interface of Google Analytics makes it an easy tool for beginners to explore.

How can Google Analytics help my social campaign?

Once you implement Google Analytics and begin tracking page views, you can determine themes among your best-performing pages. Are they concise or wordy? Are they full of photos of devoid of imagery? Do they have infographics, bullet points, or call-to-action (CTA) prompts?

Are mobile users bouncing out of the pages you link to on social channels? As social users are more likely to be on mobile, ensuring that these users are happy with the pages you link to on social channels is very important, and Google Analytics data will allow you to see what’s working from a mobile user standpoint.

Are you targeting the correct demographics and location(s) with your social posts? Google Analytics data will allow you to see who’s clicking on the links you share in your social posts. Shifting your attention towards the correct demographics and location(s) will result in an increase in web traffic.

If you’re boosting posts or running ad campaigns, Google Analytics will provide a deeper look at whether your boost and/or ad budget is resulting in the desired web traffic.

Each Google Analytics user will employ it in a different way. With time and regular use, you will determine which features of Google Analytics are most relevant to your particular business.

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