Harness Facebook and Instagram this Holiday Season

Do you ever consider why some social apps change and update, especially around the holiday time? Our team of social experts are here to uncover some new ways we’ve seen Facebook and Instagram change, making it easier for marketers to target and track, just in time for the holiday season.

Instagram’s Enhanced Shopping Experience

Instagram is expanding on their shopping feature. This holiday, Instagram is set to use its platform as a means of showcasing and featuring thousands of products or ads from retailers worldwide, along with their correlating prices. If used correctly our audience will be able to:

  • Actively engage with materials of their interest
  • Purchase them instantly
  • Easily navigate through the purchase funnel

The Aronson Social team takes advantage of these features, while utilizing conversion tracking to deliver leads from individuals that show an interest in the featured offer. With our team being fully analytics certified, we work to identify what content shared on Instagram is driving leads. From there we ensure we have lean strategies with proper messaging to target the right audience at the right moment.

Facebook Ads Improve Engagement

With the introduction of new ad placement, ad types and CTA placements, Facebook has improved how users engage and convert without the user leaving Facebook. This is beneficial for creating a variety of flexible ads focused at acquiring holiday shoppers.

In addition, Facebook has worked to improve the way Social Marketers can target and track consumers who engage on Facebook. By measuring the success of ad types, messaging and engagement, Aronson’s social team is able to better position ads that match a consumers needs at the right moment. This is important when holiday purchases often involve impulse.

If you are looking to improve your social presence and drive leads this holiday season, Aronson has you covered. Give us a call at 847-297-1700 and let’s drive your business together.

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