Grow Your Business With The Display Network

When it comes to Google AdWords, the majority of businesses are either on the Search Network or creating Shopping ads. Both channels of advertising can provide sales and leads to help grow business. But, one channel of advertising that businesses shy away from is the Google Display Network. The Display Network is one of the greatest ways to promote your brand or business on a massive scale of audience and at a low cost. Here, we’ll break down what the Display Network is, five benefits to the Display Network and how to target the right audience.

Display Network: What Is It?

As stated by Google, “The Display Network is a group of more than 2 million websites, videos and ads where your business can appear.” That’s over 90% of users worldwide that can view your business’s image banners. Provided your business is using the cost per click model, then you would only pay when someone clicks on your banner ad, so all the views and impressions are free.

Read about the cost per click model in our recent article on Top 5 Automotive Google AdWords KPI’s.

5 Benefits To The Display Network

  • There is a massive scale of audience you can target on the Display Network across millions of sites.
  • We found it most effective to target image banners through remarketing, contextual targeting, managed placements and topic targeting.
  • If you use the Cost Per Click model, you are not paying for the thousands of impressions across hundreds of sites, but only the clicks.
  • Cost per click for the Display Network is cheaper on average than on the Search Network.
  • The more a user see your banner ads, the more likely they are to become familiar with your business.

Target The Right Audience

The main advantage of Display Campaigns is an impressive variety of ways how you can reach your perfect target audience. You can target by demographics, topic of content, behavior, interest and more. Based on our experience, these are some of the most effective targeting methods of Display campaigns.

display ads

  • One way to target potential customers is through remarketing. With remarketing, you connect with users that showed interest in your site and may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry. At that time, a cookie is dropped into the visitor’s browser and when they visit other sites (with AdSense) your banner ad will trigger and remind them of your business. This is a great tool to recapture the interest of a user who left and bring them back to convert.
  • Contextual targeting is targeting sites through keywords that tie in with that particular site. Your banner ads will populate on sites (with AdSense) that are contextually similar to these keywords. For example: Keywords like Ford Escape, Ford Escape cost and Ford Escape price can trigger your banner ad to land on a website with a Ford Escape cost and pricing breakdown. This can lead to users seeing your banner ads on sites that target users on the bottom funnel of a purchase. Read more about purchase intent on this article 7 Quick Points About Purchase Intent & Paid Search.
  • Another way to target users with banner ads is with managed placements. Placements allow you to specify sites that you would like your banners ads to be shown on. You can have your display ad appear on almost any site, which allows for greater control of where you want your banner ads to appear. Understand a bigger website may not always drive the right traffic to your business, so choose accordingly.
  • Target your banner ads with many different topics by using topic targeting. Continuing with Ford Escape, we can target websites that have topics such as Toyota or SUV. There are many topics for your targeting preference and a list of the topics is here.

After setting up your display campaign to your businesses preferences, it is time to create those banner ads. The banner ads have to go through Google policy to ensure they are the correct size and format. You can find that here.

Starting your Display Network has a lot of advantages in reaching your perfect audience target. You can target through remarketing, context, topics or simply choosing placements. Among the many great benefits of The Display Network, the team at Aronson Advertising understands the importance of brand & exposure for our clients. So don’t limit your Display Network – please contact the Paid Search Team at Aronson Advertising immediately by calling 847-297-1700 or fill out contact form today.

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