Our Favorite Features In The New Google Ads Interface

Over the past year, Google has been releasing many new Google Ads features to help improve performance in your paid search campaigns as well as making the most of your paid search budget. Today, I will be talking about our some of our team’s favorite new features and how beneficial these new features can be.

The New Interface Look:

The one feature that stands out is the new interface look. The layout is visually different and more accessible with options to filter your campaigns by type. As shown to the left we can now view campaigns by their respective type. This makes it faster to navigate to a specific campaign. (Or you can type in the letters “G” ”T” to “go” “to” a specific page). Another big move was moving the above options bar to the left as a column.

The Overview Page:

Google has created an Overview page giving us a simplified version of how our account is performing overall. There is now an overview page giving us easier access to manage search terms, devices, day and hour reports, and how we are competing against our competitors. On top of the overview page is a custom chart where you can change number of clicks, impressions, average cpc & conversions over a chosen time frame.

Advanced Bid Adjustment:

For search campaigns that have call extensions, there is now a call bid adjustment. This new bid adjustment increases how often the the call extension will appear. Drive more call extension impressions (calls) with this Advanced bid adjustment.

Promotion Extension:

One of the best new features is the promotion extension. This is only available in the new interface. This extension allows you to promote an offer and link a page for the extension to land on. The best thing about this extension is the price tag icon that can help drive a higher CTR. This extension uses monetary & percent discount for the promotion.

Additional Features:

  • If you are targeting YouTube.com as a placement or have a video campaign, you can now filter individual youtube channels. With this feature we can exclude placements and adjust bids on individual youtube channels based on performance. Learn more about youtube campaigns here.
  • Create your own custom column more effectively. Make your own metric based on existing metrics in Google Ads.
  • Evaluate the performance of your landing pages. In the new options bar you can view a new landing page where you can see the expanded landing pages associated with each of your landing pages. Identify which of your pages could provide a better experience on mobile devices. You can also check a page’s mobile friendliness.

There are many new features that the new interface has to offer. Overall, it has a beginner-friendly element to it, without missing out on the advance reports and metrics. Get help understanding the new features that Google Ads has to offer and maximize your online conversions with Aronson Advertising today!


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