Facebook Engagement & Real Sales

For many people, social media has become inseparably woven into the fabric of their daily lives. It has increasingly become a source for news, conversation, and connections. However, many marketers are still skeptical of the effectiveness of turning social engagements into real sales. This skepticism is not unfounded as it can be difficult to see the connection between a user liking your post and selling that same user a car. To combat this issue and make conversions more achievable, Facebook introduced the engaged shopper targeting metric, a powerful new tool for marketers.

Facebook Marketplace & the Conversion to E-Commerce

The introduction of Facebook Marketplace in 2016 was one way the tech giant began to reintroduce its social media platform as a trusted hub of e-commerce. Facebook Marketplace is a platform where professional marketers can reach customers along side of amateur sellers using the space like eBay or craigslist. While the Marketplace itself provides a sales avenue to some, the data that it fosters may prove even more valuable to marketing professionals.

Facebook’s Targeting Capabilities

Facebook has, for many years, offered detailed demographic and behavioral targeting designed to allow marketers to reach only their most ideal customers. Demographic targeting metrics like age, location, and gender have long been the tool of both social media and traditional marketers. Behavioral targeting metrics are more powerful and allow marketers to target based on interests like Chevrolet or sports cars. These behavioral metrics are something that were next to impossible to quantify in the days before social media and have proven massively valuable to digital campaigns in the days since.

Engaged Shoppers & the Future of Social Media Advertising

The behavioral targeting metric ‘engaged shoppers’ was introduced in the years following the launch of Facebook Marketplace. As a result, the gap between social engagement and real sales has become more manageable, making the engaged shopper targeting metric more valuable than ever. As Facebook continues to convert many of its social media users into e-commerce users, the company is building a base of people who trust Facebook as a retail platform. The engaged shopper metric allows marketers to isolate and target just these specific users. By targeting only those who have already displayed a willingness to shop on Facebook, marketers are able to increase the efficiency of each dollar spent on Facebook advertising campaigns. With the help of powerful tools like the engaged shopper metric at our fingertips, there has never been a better time to drive real sales using social engagement!

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