Types of Facebook Advertisements

At Aronson Advertising, our team of Social Media Experts work with multiple types of Facebook advertising options to drive leads for our clients while increasing reach and awareness. Utilizing the different types of advertisements Facebook offers, we are able to maximize coverage across the Facebook channel. Below are a few of the methods our social experts use to optimize social performance.

Traffic Ads

This format is the most common across Facebook. It’s optimized to direct users straight to your website, helping to increase website traffic, as well as drive more conversions. With this ad type you will be able to:

  • Increase traffic and conversions to your website
  • Promote product specials and deals
  • Send users directly to VDP pages or product inventory

Our Social Media Team at Aronson Advertising implements UTM tracking codes that allow us to see how well each ad is performing in Google Analytics. With these insights, we can easily see how much traffic your website received from each ad and how well your ads are converting. This is vital for maximizing social media influence.

Lead Generation Ads

For those looking to generate more leads, this option lets you target individuals who are potentially interested in your product, while capturing their contact information. This ad type allows for the following:

  • Effortlessly gather customer information
  • Receive leads in real-time
  • Develop a customer database

We not only use lead generation ads, but we have created an efficient process that feeds dealer’s leads directly into their CRM with no effort required on their part.


Boosting is unique because it’s the only option offered that allows you to see your creative on your Facebook page. By allocating money towards any post you’ve already created, you are optimizing visibility to your current followers, but also to targeted users who don’t follow you. When boosting Facebook posts, you can:

  • Drive leads
  • Increase the reach and engagement on your organic content
  • Build your brand and customer base
  • Increase your page likes and follows

Facebook is an integral channel for engaging with your target audience. With proper utilization, you can drive more leads, increase brand awareness and improve on customer engagement. If you are looking to take advantage of the advertising options Facebook offers, Aronson Advertising can help! Call us at 847-297-1700; and let’s drive more quality business together!

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