Evergreen Content: Why It Matters & How To Incorporate It

You’re spending a lot of time and effort producing quality content, so you obviously want to maintain consistent traffic long after you post it. One of the most effective strategies for future-proofing is adding evergreen articles and formats into your content strategy. Not only does evergreen content have a longer lifespan, but it can also lead to better SEO results and allow you to reach new audiences. This blog will explain the benefits of focusing on evergreen content formats, and the effects you can expect to see throughout your digital marketing results.

Future-Proofing Your Content

If you’re looking to get more out of your content strategy, evergreen content is a great place to start. In addition to your site seeing more consistent traffic for a longer time, you’ll see more opportunities for repurposing your content into different formats (audio, video, visual). There are also opportunities to regularly repost these pages through social platforms, as they’ll be relevant no matter when they’re seen. You could even revisit previous pages and update them to better appeal to a wider audience.

Effects on SEO

Content that’s relevant for longer periods of time translates to improved SEO results. While topical pages cycle out of search engine results pages quickly, evergreen content can maintain a high SEO rank for months, or even years, after it’s posted. You can make small tweaks to your current SEO strategies to match evergreen formats. Think about keywords with long-term potential that will be searched consistently over a long time. The benefits that evergreen content brings can extend to other parts of your business as well.

Getting Started with Evergreen Content

Depending on what you’re creating content for, there are several formats that lend themselves to long-lasting traffic. Because of their general interest, FAQ’s, How To’s, and infographics tend to have staying power. You can also focus on topics that won’t drastically change in the near future. When writing traditional text-based pages, it’s best to speak to an audience with only a basic understanding of the topic. You’re obviously an expert in your field, but if you use technical words and industry jargon and concepts that many won’t grasp without your level of expertise, it won’t be useful to them.

While evergreen topics, or any other form, shouldn’t make up 100% of your content strategy, there’s a place for it in nearly all scenarios. The benefits are clear, and it’s worth considering how you can incorporate it into your content mix.

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