Conversational Content: Benefits & How to Write It

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In today’s stream of seemingly endless online content, it’s a breath of fresh air to come across a piece that grasps and keeps your attention. So, what can you do to spice up your advertising content while still successfully targeting your intended audience? There are several tips and tricks to accomplish this, but today we’ll focus on one in particular: conversational content. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to incorporate a conversational tone of voice into your writing and the benefits that it can bring.     

How to Write It       

Conversational language in a piece of written content fosters a sense of human connection and engagement. As content writers, this is what we strive for on a daily basis. Below are some tips to help make your copy more conversational:

  • Don’t be too general. When writing content for an audience, it’s second-nature to want to write in a very general tone, as to include everyone. Instead, try to hone in on one person, such as your ideal consumer and think about how you would interact with them. A conversational tone of voice will make your readers feel like you are personally addressing them. For example, instead of saying “All of our customers can take advantage of a great selection of competitive lease specials,” try something like “Are you looking for a great deal? Check out our lease deals!”      
  • Keep it simple. When a piece of content is saturated with lengthy sentences and complicated language, the reader is going to get bored and possibly even frustrated. To increase reader usability and interest, cut down the length of your sentences, but not so much as to where you’re not getting your point across. So, instead of saying “This sedan incorporates wireless connectivity through radio signals to keep you in the loop while driving,” try taking a more relaxed approach such as: “This sedan’s Bluetooth® technology keeps connectivity at your fingertips!” 
  • Ask questions! Posing questions is a simple and fantastic way to engage readers and show them you are interested in their consumer journey. According to, “In his book To Sell Is Human, Daniel Pink explains that a question makes readers think — they process your message more intensely. And when readers agree with you, your question is more persuasive than a statement.” 

Examples include: Is fuel efficiency important to you and your family? Is the sleek and sporty design of the new Toyota Camry what you crave, or is the spacious Pilot more your style? Interested in learning more?…  

Benefits of Conversational Content 

Several benefits come along with incorporating conversational language into your digital marketing content. As, put it, “when readers get to know, like, and trust us, we create opportunities to market our services and sell our products.” Additional benefits include:

  • Better readability. Readers can avoid burnout and boredom while spending less time trying to understand what you’re saying. 
  • Build Relationships. Conversational content provides a touch of human connection in this highly automated digital world. 
  • Increase readership. If readers enjoy your content, they will most likely return and even utilize the product or service you are pitching them.  
  • Boost reader engagement. This can include a consumer reaching out to you via email, form submission, or over the phone.  
  • Drive sales and improve search engine rankings: Higher quality content can boost your business to the top of search engine results pages, increasing brand awareness.      

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