The Best Call to Action Phrases for Dealerships

Call to Action Road Sign

The call to action plays an important role in marketing because they present what you want the customers to do, but are they appropriate for all kinds of markets? Because each market has its touchpoints and customer journeys, CTAs should be focused on each stage of that journey and not standardized across every market. 

This is why it’s important to know your market and create ads, landing pages, posts, and articles using CTAs to meet marketing objectives. In the case of automotive dealerships, even when we’re talking about digital marketing and e-commerce specifically, the CTAs need to invite the customer to achieve different conversions depending on which stage of the marketing/sales funnel they are in and what we want from them.

Calls to Action in the Sales Funnel

As mentioned before, it’s important to select CTAs depending on which stage of the funnel the customer in top, middle, or bottom of the funnel. As you continue, you will discover different examples of phrases for dealerships in the sales funnel.

Calls to Action at the Top of the Sales Funnel

The top of the funnel is the first stage of the sales funnel. In this stage, the consumer is still looking for information and isn’t prepared to make a purchase, so it isn’t recommended to push or promote your cars or automotive services.

For example:

  • Share Vehicle
  • Get A Free Consultation
  • Visit Our Website Today
  • Sign Up for Updates
Call to Action at the Top of the Sales Funnel

Calls to Action at the Middle of the Sales Funnel

Once the consumer is aware and interested in a car or automotive service, he is ready to pass to the middle of the funnel. At this point, the consumer is ready and open to get more information, so your objective is to educate them and help find a solution to their problems and thoughts.

For example:

  • Take a Look At Our Current Inventory
  • Request More Info
  • Test Drive One Today
  • Click Here To View Our Inventory
Call to Action at the Middle of the Sales Funnel

Calls to Action at the Bottom of the Sales Funnel

In this stage of the funnel, the consumer is ready to buy, but it doesn’t mean they will buy it right away. This is why it’s important to nurture the relationship with the customer and convince them that you’re the best option. According to Demand Gen Report, lead nurturing generates 50 percent more sales leads at a 33 percent lower cost.

This is why you have to use CTAs that invite the invite your website visitor to convert. And here are some examples of good CTAs for bottom of the funnel:

  • Shop the latest models here
  • Get an online quote today
  • Ask about our current offers
Call to Action at the Bottom of the Sales Funnel

There isn’t a formula to write the perfect CTA, but it’s important to knowing your customers and learning their thought process to help offer the deal or service they’re searching for. Do not push or force the relationship with the customers. Trying to sell a car and make offers when they aren’t ready could cause your customer to become disinterested in working with your dealership.

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