Major Facebook Changes During 2018

Throughout 2018 our team of Social experts, much like the rest of the social world, noticed some of our platforms making a dramatic shift. With updates, additions, and new limitations throughout, the evolution and with that, adaptation must take place. Follow along as we discuss the transformation of Facebook’s Privacy Sharing, Chatbot Takover, and the major shift of Facebook’s Algorithm.

Privacy Sharing/Data Collection

Since the latest data scandal that took place during the most recent presidential election has had Facebook in a tailspin Facebook has vowed to take more precautionary measures when handling and providing users personal data to marketers or other third-party platforms. Because of this, Facebook has since revamped their privacy policy, revoked certain targeting metrics, and implemented and enforced an all-new algorithmic update (see blog post titled “How The Newest Facebook Algorithmic Chance Affects Your Business”, for more information on this subject). It is imperative that social users and marketers alike review and revise their privacy settings, so they too can stay protected. For more information on this, checkout our blog post titled “How to Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings”!

Revolutionary Chatbots are taking control of Direct/Instant Messaging

Direct/Instant messages are vital to your campaign success. Having a Business page for your company allows users to directly inquire on a product, service, or offer that is being promoted through your organic or paid advertising.

Obviously your company has set operating hours, but what happens when a potential customer asks a question after hours? This is where the Chatbot steps in. Chatbots allow Facebook Messgener users to have an automated conversation, by reviewing important keywords. The Chatbot recognizes defined keywords and creates an automated response based on those queries. If a Chatbot doesn’t directly satisfy a user’s intent, that users message will still be available for one of your employees to follow-up on. You can use the questions asked to actively monitor what your FAQ’s are, so you can optimize the way your Chatbots interact with your page’s users, ultimately resulting in a better ROI.

Organic Reach is Changing

Earlier this year, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a gigantic shift in the way organic content is showcased to its over 2 billion monthly users. “The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feeds, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family, and groups” said Zuckerberg in a post. While this major change took place towards the beginning of 2018, Facebook users and marketers alike have noticed continually tweaks and changes throughout the entire year.

So what does this mean for your business? Decide on what the persona is you’d like to have portrayed through your Business page. It’s essential to showcase the ‘Who’ and the ‘Why’ of your business. Adding a personal feel to your page will help increase your chances of engagement on organic posts. It’s important to preview the friendly faces of your company, how your company is involved in the community, etc. Only by doing this will the newest algorithmic change pickup on your content, it’s features, and hopefully showcase it to Facebook users who engage. Content that has ‘meaningful social interactions’ will be shown first, with comments from friends, family, and followers showcased.

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