The ABCs of PPC at Aronson Advertising

The quote, “SEO is a marathon, not a sprint,” has been heard at Aronson Advertising in Schaumburg, IL. Since the creation of the digital advertising department three years ago, but Paid Search is one aspect of the department where it is possible to see quick gains in digital marketing. While most marketing professionals understand that PPC means ‘Pay Per Click,’ not everyone knows exactly what goes into the campaigns and how advertisers are able to win conversions.

What types of PPC campaigns are there?

Retargeting/Remarketing – This is when a user visits your site, has a cookie placed on their browser, and then your ads are placed on other related sites the user visits. This is an effective strategy to target return users and get them back to your site.

Display – Ads are displayed on partner sites that allow banners to appear. This is a recommended strategy for branding and reaching a large audience.

Search Network – The text ads that show up in a search engine results page. These users are searching for keywords that you’ve bid on, and are likely to be interested in your ads because they are already searching for the topic.

What Are Best Practices of Paid Search?

There are several techniques that an experienced Paid Search Specialist will employ to increase conversions, lower cost per click and gain greater impressions, including:

Use of Broad Match Modified Keywords – Broad Match Modifiers let a keyword trigger your ad to show when a phrase, similar term, misspelling, synonym, or related search is used. Our team strongly recommends use of broad match modified keywords to improve performance.

Use of Negative Keywords – There are certain related terms to the keywords that your campaigns are going after that you don’t want to rank for. Enabling negative keywords prevents your ads from showing for terms that don’t matter.

Use of Extended Text Ads – An ideal option for campaigns targeting both mobile and desktop platforms, extended text ads from Google are responsive, allowing them to appear on desktop and mobile devices.

Custom Landing Pages – Landing pages that are designed to answer user questions will provide better quality scores. The higher the quality score, the lower the cost per click. Creating specific landing pages to work in tandem with paid search campaigns can be a great way to maximize your budget.

How Can Advertisers Grow Their Paid Search Campaigns Without Increasing Budget?

This is where using an agency can be your greatest advantage. The team at Aronson Advertising specializes in analysis and maximizing your PPC budgets to provide greater value by adjusting budgets and focusing campaigns on keywords that convert.

Each member of our team has unique strengths and abilities that make the whole greater than the sum of our parts. Dmitry and Dana specialize in the latest trends and best practices. Mark is an ad copy wizard. Kira has extensive experience with most platforms and brings knowledge gained from several years working with agencies. PPC Manager Marina oversees everything with an exceptionally keen eye for detail and an ability to get the most out of her budgets. Contact our team through our online form to get more information about how we can improve or start paid search campaigns with your dealership or business.

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