Five Effective Pages to Implement in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Thanks to technological advances, there are endless resources that can aid in a driver’s search for a new vehicle. But with all the available options, it can be challenging to narrow it down to just a few to choose from. At Aronson Advertising, we’ve developed a range of refined digital marketing solutions that offer automotive dealerships custom advertising strategies for their target audience while also making it easier for consumers to find the right vehicle for them.

When developing a content strategy, it’s important to understand what the consumer is looking for and consider how effective content can help lead them to the next step in their car-buying journey.

There are several different page types designed to help achieve these goals for both dealership and consumer. This article outlines five popular research guides to consider when crafting a content marketing strategy.

Model Overviews

Model overviews often include reviews, interior guides, and engine overview pages of a single model. The purpose of model overviews is to educate the consumer about the highlights of a specific vehicle model, including exterior and interior design, infotainment features, safety technology, performance, color options, and more. These pages can be helpful to consumers who have an idea of the vehicle type they want but wish to learn more about what the model offers as a whole.

Other review guides, such as interior or engine pages, help the consumer take a deeper dive into specific elements of the vehicle. Providing additional information like this can help further educate the reader about their preferred model so they can make an informed decision.

Trim Comparisons

Detailed trim comparison pages are crafted to help consumers who have already taken an interest in a specific model learn more about each configuration’s standard features in the model lineup. While the consumer may already have an idea of the features they want in a vehicle, a trim comparison will help them see which models do and don’t offer those features.

Trim comparisons can also be used to highlight available packages that certain trims offer, therefore educating the consumer about the potential upgrades and customization options of a particular model.

Model Comparisons

Model comparisons are crucial to the car-buying process, as they offer a comparative analysis of competing or similar vehicles to help the consumer decide which best fits their needs. When putting together a comparison page, there are a few types to consider: intra-brand and competitive. Intra-brand comparisons — which highlight two models of the same make — can even go as far as comparing two different trims of the same model. These are invaluable to consumers who have decided on the model that suits them best but are having difficulty choosing between two trims.

Competitive brand comparisons are crafted similarly to reviews in that they outline the key features and performance highlights of two different vehicle makes that offer a similar driving experience — for example, the Ford Bronco and the Jeep Wrangler. These pages are essential in helping guide the consumer to their decision, and they allow the client to establish themselves as an authority figure.

For further reading about using model comparisons in your content strategy, check out this related post about how to craft a compelling vehicle comparison.

Dealership Centers

While model overviews, trim comparisons, and model comparisons have an end goal of purchasing a vehicle, dealership center pages can have different goals. These include helping educate the consumer about different maintenance and repair services available to them as well as financial tools that can streamline the financing process when purchasing a new or used vehicle. Dealership center pages can include information about the dealer’s service center, finance center, and parts center — enabling consumers to establish trust in the dealership.

Inventory Pages

Shorter in length, inventory pages are a great way to feature a dealership’s available stock for consumers looking for new or used vehicles. These pages can target a specific make and model while generally highlighting the key features and leading the consumer to other research guides for that model. Or, they can include a general overview of the dealership’s inventory, whether the consumer is looking for a new or used vehicle, or a broader variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, or electric vehicles.

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