3 Ways Proofreading Convinces Consumers to Stick Around


Constructing content that’s both pleasing to the eye and informative to the consumer can be demanding, but the real detail work develops on the second or third readthrough. When it comes to digital marketing, proofreading is the business of analyzing content to find and correct any mistakes or flaws that may hinder a user’s experience. At Aronson Advertising, our content team is thoroughly trained in crafting content and recognizing mistakes along the way. To learn more about what makes an exceptional proofreading job important, we’ve highlighted a few reasons why error-free website content is critical for converting.

Easy to Read & Typo Free

“Try reading thorough content when its not edit correctly.” It can be jarring when a consumer scans through un-edited content. A visitor to your website will read the available information and, if flawed, is forced to reread and attempt to discern the intent. Most consumers won’t make that effort and will redirect their searches elsewhere. From lengthy paragraphs to run-on sentences, content needs to be carefully examined before being posted.

Impress Google

Not only does error-free content earn respect from your readers, but Google rewards unique, well-crafted content by sending more users your way. With mistake-free content, Google boosts your search engine ranking and increases traffic flow. Typos, errors, and low-quality content will negatively affect your search results, causing you to lose potential conversions down the line.

Build a Reputation in the Marketplace

With pristine content and impressive search engine rankings, your business can help you earn a positive reputation in the marketplace. Not only will your competition aspire to create content like yours, but consumers will happily recommend your website to others. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising to date. So with a well-crafted website and enthused audience, your business is in an opportune position to assemble a stellar reputation.

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