3 Tips to Improve Your Business’ Instagram Feed

If you’re managing a business’ Instagram account, it’s essential to present a personality behind each branded post. For example, begin capturing images featuring faces of employees or satisfied customers. Instagram is a platform for businesses to showcase their virtual voice, and consistency paired with attention to detail results in a visually appealing aesthetic. Formulate, filter and flow: these are three simple steps that’ll improve your Instagram feed.

1. Formulate Your Feed

Popular tools such as the “Preview App” provide marketers with the chance to formulate their feed before publishing their content live to Instagram. Design your feed by dragging and dropping photos/videos to rearrange the order to display a steady theme. While formulating your posts, place contrasting photos/videos next to each other in the grid to balance out your feed, and avoid posting similar content next to each other to escape congestion.

2. Filter Your Feed

In order to continue your consistency, it’s vital to select a single filter for all of your posts. This is an important factor in the overall theme of your feed. At Aronson Advertising, we use the “Nashville” filter to display a cheerful, vibrant, and clean vibe. Selecting the same filter will give your feed a unified look and keeps the colors cohesive.

3. Fabricate a Flowing Feed

Now that you’ve picked a positioning grid and selected a single filter, it’s time to flow. Unleash your creativity and consider unique ways to produce new premium content. Here at Aronson, we generate social media segments spotlighting our employees and social media statistics. Our Happy Birthday Headshots, Facebook Fact Friday, and Instagram Insights are just a few of the social media segments spotted throughout our feed. In order to showcase a personality behind our virtual voice, we also enjoy highlighting our Employees of the Month and our Monthly Birthday Celebrations.

While capturing photos/videos, pay close attention to what’s in the background of the shot. If there are distractions in the backgrounds of your posts, it will definitely affect the overall flow of your feed. It’s also beneficial to take your time, frame your photos, and take numerous shots so you’ll have plenty of options to pick the best selection.

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