Cutting Edge Methods to Drive Customers to Your Dealership

In the age of smartphones and widespread Internet access giant inflatable gorillas and party banners have gone by the wayside. Simply adding flair to your property is not enough to attract serious customers to your dealership. Are you looking for new ways to find new clientele? Have you been struggling to improve your website performance? The following proven tactics can help you revitalize your business and garner attention when and where it counts: online!

Digital Marketing

Considering that everyone from schoolchildren to grandparents use social media, it’s important now more than ever for your dealership to have an internet presence. A 2015 study by Pew Research Center shows that 84% of American adults regularly use the Internet. There has been a 32% increase in regular Internet use among adults since 2000, yet it seems that some businesses still are not willing to use digital marketing, leaving them at a clear disadvantage. Some businesses do not feel their online marketing affects consumer interest. This means that some dealerships are often missing out on a large segment of potential customers, or are not reaching them with optimized content that creates

Search Engine Optimization

While having a website does statistically increase interest in a business, there is no guarantee that any given search engine query will yield the maximum number of results or be relevant to the user. By using Search Engine Optimization—SEO—techniques, you can tailor content according to analytics data in order to target locations near your business and make better sense of how customers find and reach your page. SEO also includes finding the most prominently searched keywords in a given area. By using analytics, it is possible to see where searches are coming from, how potential clients roam through your website, and how long a potential customer stays on a given page. By understanding the habits of the consumer, it becomes exponentially easier to tailor your web pages to rank higher on major search engines and entice consumers to roam your website more thoroughly.

Hire An Agency

Many dealerships acknowledge the need for digital marketing, SEO, and content writing, but may not know the best place to start, or may not have the time to handle it all on-site. Hiring an ad agency that has specialized teams to handle social networking, analytics data, and SEO-driven content can help ensure top quality results without additional hassle.

At Aronson Advertising, our Chicago-based digital automotive marketing agency prides itself on teamwork between our trained groups of specialists. From digital art and social networking to analytics research and custom content, we provide everything a dealership needs to ensure your website is drawing customers to your dealership. To see how our digital marketing experts can make the most out of your website, give us a call at (847) 297-1700 or email us at

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