National Name Your Car Day

Herbie the VW

Today is National Name Your Car Day, and the team here at Aronson Advertising is thrilled to participate. To celebrate, we asked the Digital Department what they like to call their vehicles and we simply had to share the results. Continue reading to see what your favorite digital marketing team named their cars.


Jeremy Handel: Content Team

[su_quote]I call my Nissan Rogue ‘The X-Wing’ because of a killer book I read in high school titled Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. It’s a series about a crew of rough-n-tumble X-Wing pilots trying to navigate their way through the rebellion. Think Top Gun meets…I guess, Star Wars…[/su_quote]

Regina George

Gianna Petan: Content Team

[su_quote]I wanted a really sassy diva name, and Regina George from Mean Girls is arguably the most well-known, sassy diva ever. So, I named my Jeep after her.[/su_quote]


Heidi Carpenter: Social Media Team

[su_quote]Sabine after Sabine Schmitz, Queen of the Nürburgring…My dad suggested it. My old-old VW (a Mk3 Jetta) was named Sonja so Sabine follows the short-German-name-that-begins-with-S trend, plus Sabine Schmitz shares a birthday with my horse (May 14)![/su_quote]


Christian Davis: SEO Strategist

[su_quote]My car’s name is Master Wayne, because that’s what Alfred calls me. I wish he would just drop the Wayne part though…[/su_quote]


Kaitlyn Miller: Junior SEO

[su_quote]I named my car (Toyota Rav4) Clarice because 1. She’s a classy lady & 2. Mainly so I can go up to her and say ‘Hello Clarice’ like in Silence of the Lambs…This is the time that Clarice got stuck in the snow in the parking lot at my university.[/su_quote]

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