How to Expertly Convey Your Brand’s History

Shelves of older historical books with ladder.

Whether you’re a family-owned business that has served the community for generations, or a new business looking to build your reputation, there’s a story behind your brand. Modern customers are as interested as ever in who they are doing business with, and a well-conveyed brand history can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. In this blog, we’ve highlighted some easy steps you can take to define or refine your brand’s history.

Write It Down

A brand’s specific story has a tendency to become like stories told around campfires. Passed from one person to another as your organization grows, certain details can get lost or misconstrued. By having a “source” for your brand’s story that you and other employees can refer back to, you’ll be able to avoid any confusion. This also gives you the opportunity to refine the message before sharing it with the public.

Be Authentic

This may seem like common sense, but it’s imperative that you make sure your brand’s story authentically represents you and your business. Consumers will sniff out a phony brand from miles away, as companies and organizations that have been caught in lies can attest. By misrepresenting your history, misrepresentation becomes part of your brand’s story, and that can be crippling to your reputation. 

Keep It Consistent

Once your story is ready to be shared with the public, you’ll want to pay close attention to keeping it consistent across multiple channels. You may have several people handling different social media platforms, press releases, interviews, and public appearances. Ensuring that those people are on the same page is important for conveying a consistent story. This is another instance where having a source can be helpful, as we discussed earlier. 

Update It Regularly

Hopefully, your business and brand continue to grow and evolve over time. In that case, you’ll want to re-evaluate your message regularly to make sure you’re keeping up with any changes. This can include anything, including new products or services, shifting priorities, new employees, and much more. Consumers will notice, and their relationship with your brand will continue to strengthen. 

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