The Good Within Any Car

Here at Aronson Advertising, most of our clients are car dealers. I absolutely adore the idea of automotive writing, as I have grown up going to car shows and racing events since I was able to speak. As someone who has always admired vehicles of all makes and models, it surprises me when someone tells me they “hate cars.” I really don’t think they hate cars. I think they just see cars as a simple “A to B” appliance. There are also car enthusiasts that will talk down on people who don’t own something they deem “worthy.” I think both groups are missing the point. I just don’t think they have learned to enjoy every car the same way I have.

There are several appealing factors within every vehicle outside of “moving from A to B” or being fast and sleek. For example, I drive a simple 2001 Buick Century and, while I love a quick sports car, I am able to understand the appeal the Buick has to a specific audience. For instance, it is outstandingly comfortable. Its plush seats, soft suspension, and quiet interior make any pothole-filled street a breeze to navigate. While most car enthusiasts would scoff at my old Buick for being “slow” and “boring,” I can see past that; not everyone needs a stripped-out, purpose-built track day monster. While I really plan on getting something that’s fast and unique, it’s not the kind of car I need right now. So, for the time being, I appreciate the practicality and comfort that my good ol’ Buick provides.

On the other end of the spectrum, I think that cars are more than just an appliance for A to B travel. In fact, I believe they have a personality. A good friend of mine had a 1999 Audi A4 that had been tuned by its previous owner. While it was pretty fast, it was constantly in need of work. We spent hours in his garage diagnosing an issue and replacing parts, only to find it wasn’t fixed. This would usually result in a few choice words being yelled to the heavens and a certain steering wheel to be used as a punching bag. However, when it was working properly, it was fantastic. We would drive for miles down winding back roads for the all-wheel-drive Audi to blast down. The turbo would spool while the engine howled under acceleration. There we were, giggling like little kids as we would slow to a stop, turbo blow-off valve wooshing and exhaust crackling with every downshift. My friend would be grinning ear to ear, knowing he had done all the work that made his temperamental Audi play nice. No appliance can elicit that range of emotion.

Understanding both the enthusiast and practical appeal of any car has truly helped me as a writer for Aronson Advertising. Having a balanced perspective helps me paint any car in the best light. Whether I’m writing a blog post about a 2016 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish or a custom landing page for a certified pre-owned Toyota Prius, I can see why someone would want either. Understanding the needs of every individual driver is essential when you write landing pages for such a vast array of clients every day.

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