The importance of Facebook’s Recent Apple iOS 14 Update.

In the recent past, Facebook has undergone numerous updates to stay at the forefront as a social media giant. From updating the way users interact with advertisements to varying the way we communicate with one another, some may say the recent update has been the most impactful of them all. Follow along with our team and learn more about the iOS 14 update and the resources available to navigate these ever changing waters.

What Is the Apple iOS 14 Update?

The main theme with the recent Apple iOS 14 update is, privacy, privacy, privacy. The update is now different than before because of a newly required prompt for users. Whenever a user who has the iOS 14 update engages with an app from the Apple App store that uses tracking, there will be a prompt that ensures each user knows they are being tracked from app to app as well as third party owned websites. If a user opts-out of tracking, then Apple will prohibit certain apps from collecting that  user’s data. This means users will now become explicitly more aware of the tracking taking place and it’s expected that many will opt-out of certain app tracking.

How Is Facebook Navigating This New Change?

Facebook has noticed a demonstrative impact with marketers that use their platform for social media marketing. For some, the emphasis on the importance of having a Facebook Pixel is greater now more than ever. If a marketer loses access to a website or notices that their targeting metrics aren’t allowing them to engage with new users, a Facebook Pixel would provide a type of “bank” for secondary targeting if needed. If a marketer was never able to lay a pixel, it will be a bit harder to use secondary user data because the pixel has no historical data collection available. 

According to Facebook, “As part of these changes, following the release of iOS 14.5, Facebook will implement new advertiser experiences and measurement protocols, including Apple’s SKAdNetwork API and Facebook’s Aggregated Event Measurement.”

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