Employee Vehicle Reviews – Matt’s 2000 Golf

Hey there, Aronson Ad-icts!

You asked for it. You’ve been waiting patiently and now it’s finally here. It’s time for our inaugural employee car review! Once a month, we will be taking a look at what our coworkers drive to and from our lovely Schaumburg office.

For our first review, Matthew Dewoskin, esteemed content manager and beloved colleague, has kindly allowed us access to his swanky midnight blue 2000 Volkswagen Golf.

For such an old vehicle, it is in surprisingly good shape in terms of aesthetics. There is no structural damage, major scratches or issues with the body, and all of the electronics are in working condition. Elegantly understated, the rims and brake calipers on Matt’s 16-year old VW Golf have been carefully rusted for that look that only time can provide.

Matt took me for a quick ride to the post office recently, where I got firsthand experience of the luxury that is his Volkswagen Golf. Turning the key of the ignition lets off a low rumble that only an engine with almost 100,000 miles can provide. The thoroughly difficult handling and bumpy ride of the old school Golf is due to a suspension system whose best days are clearly behind it. It may or may not need new shocks, but that all depends on your individual driving style.

When asked about his plans to replace said suspension, yours truly received a furrowed brow, a quiet “no,” and a quick shake of the head, indicating that he would indeed NOT be repairing it anytime in the foreseeable future.

However, Matt does plan on selling his classic 2000 Volkswagen Golf at some point that is likely to be sooner rather than later. Now, we know that this is the opportunity of a lifetime, but we encourage you to remain calm, take a deep breath, and really decide whether or not you are prepared for this awe-inspiring marvel of German engineering from the golden-era of vehicles.

Matt’s 2000 Golf: Report Card

Overall GradeC-

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