Working at Aronson Ads: Through the Eyes of the Team

Aronson Advertising is known for premium automotive advertising in the traditional and digital marketing spheres. What are some memorable things about working at Aronson Advertising, and why do people enjoy working here? To answer this, we put together an optional and anonymous questionnaire and shared it with the Aronson Ads team. Among their responses, we discovered that team members enjoy working remotely, learning and growing within their team, producing a great product, the positive work environment, and the company-hosted events. 

Remote Work

“I think it’s really important that even though we work remotely, there’s still a lot of effort put into fun activities and discussions…It helps to see everyone as individual people with their own interests and personalities, not just a name on a screen, and I think it fosters a feeling of community you don’t often see at other companies, especially remote ones,” says an anonymous respondent. Another individual added that they enjoy “working from home most of the time [and] avoiding traffic.”

Learning & Growth

Learning new skills and growing within your field of expertise are other reasons people enjoy working here at Aronson Advertising. An anonymous respondent said, “The thing I find most rewarding about working for Aronson Advertising is having the opportunity to learn something new every day — whether it’s coding, crawling websites, or working with Google support.”

Producing a Great Product

Creating a product to be proud of is another aspect of the job that our team members appreciate. SEO Developer Amber Lacher said, “As a developer, I really like seeing immediate results of…my code come to life. It feels really good to be able to provide people with a clean, easy-to-use website…to navigate in their search for a new vehicle.” 

Positive Working Environment

One of the key components of a great work environment is a team with a positive and supportive mindset. Social Media Specialist Gianna Cimo says she enjoys “having a team that is always there to help and builds you up!” An anonymous co-worker said, “Everyone is always willing to assist with anything you need — whether it’s a manager, director, or fellow team member.” Graphic Designer John DeBerge says, “I get to work with my friends and keep my design skills sharp.” He adds, “Working with two other guys named John in my department has always made things fun and confusing for other co-workers.”

Holiday Parties & Team Outings

Quite a few respondents stated they have a great time at our quarterly team outings, company events, and the annual holiday party. “I really enjoyed playing the games at the picnic this summer! We all had a blast and the weather was great! I also have really enjoyed our SEO team outings — we have really had fun bonding as a team over bowling, board games, and mini golf,” Amber Lacher said about these events.

An anonymous individual chimed in with a funny anecdote about a quarterly team outing. “We played mini golf, and many of my shots wound up knocking my teammates’ golf balls into a better position for them to score. We were all joking that I should aim for so-and-so’s ball next, even though there was very little aiming involved. I’m not a competitive person, and I’m a horrible golfer, so I thought it was both funny and cool that so many of my own attempts to score wound up helping my teammates score instead.”

SEO Assistant Manager Matthias Warren said the annual holiday party is “…a fun way to hang out with co-workers and play some fun games.”

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