Labor Day 2019: Aronson is Celebrating, Are You?

With autumn quickly evolving, it’s clear that swimming, cookouts, and late night baseball games are coming to a close as the cooler air is quickly approaching the Chicagoland area. Though this may be the truth for Aronson employees, they are certain to mark the end of summer with one last celebration. This definitive Labor Day celebration marks the end of summer for many Americans, as it was officially signed it into law as a national holiday in 1894.

A Longstanding American Tradition

At the height of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s, societies became more technical and urbanized as industrial innovations permanently changed the fabric of American society. At this time, men, women, and even children were working 12-hour days, seven days a week, for basic wages. The development of labor unions began to emerge, and subsequently, strikes, riots, and even violent protests were initiated for a working man’s day off. 1882 marked the very first Labor Day parade in U.S. history as 10,000 workers took unpaid time off to march to Union Square in New York City.

Aronson Celebrates with Recognition, Gratitude, & Loved Ones

Today, thanks to those who have gone before us, Labor Day is when businesses close in honor of the contributions and achievements of all American workers. At Aronson, some team members take Labor Day as a day of rest and relaxation, while others choose to go out and have fun to commemorate their time of rest.

Keissy is celebrating her first Labor Day as an employee in the U.S., and she’s really excited to spend this time with her family and friends. Keissy explains why this day is so special to her as an immigrant:

…This day marks progress and growth, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this agency, learning and doing what I love everyday. This celebration is proof that if you work hard enough and take risks, you’ll be able to achieve whatever goals you set.

Hanna is driving 14 hours with her boyfriend and best friend to Hampton, Virginia, to see her favorite artist, Lorin Ashton, at Basscenter in the Hampton Coliseum.

Every year team member Alex and his family gets together to celebrate one last ‘hurrah’ for the summer! His family will travel to the Chicagoland area to visit. Alex is especially eager to spend time with his three little nieces, and tells us:

…My nieces are my entire world! The plan is to take on Six Flags and hopefully ride every roller coaster, front-row!

Savannah will be on a seven-day Greek island cruise with her family. On Labor Day, she’ll specifically be in Montenegro, swimming in the Blue Cave.

One of our managers, Kayla, has been super busy this Summer, so she eagerly awaits hanging out at home and catching up on some housework, reading, and favorite TV shows.

Content team writers Jennifer and Katie are going to Indiana Dunes National Park. Together, they plan to spend time climbing sand dunes on the beach, hiking the park’s trails, and taking an excursion to hang out with bison.

Whatever you may be doing for Labor Day 2019, your friends at Aronson wish you a day of rest and relaxation with your friends and family! Interested in joining our team? Give us a call at (847) 297-1700 or check out our available positions.

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