June 2019 Employees of the Month

Aronson Advertising acknowledges a few of our hard-working employees every month, and June 2019 is no different. The three winners of our coveted up-front parking spaces are John DeBerge, Geraldine Plaza, and Bobby Leahy. Each of these members has worked hard for this honor, so let’s take time to see what makes them shine.

John DeBerge

John has been a graphic designer at Aronson Advertising for two years now and thoroughly enjoys working in the art department. With the ability to design all day long, John appreciates his job and team every day. Outside of work, John loves to bike, kayak, and run. He also operates as a freelance illustrator, refusing to leave his artistic talents at the door of Aronson.

Geraldine Plaza

Geraldine is an account coordinator who’s worked her way to employee of the month in only four months. While working at Aronson Advertising, she loves the challenge of taking on new tasks every week as well as interacting with her team and the digital department. She enjoys baking, cooking, and grilling when she’s not in the office. She also enjoys hanging out with her family and taking long drives on her days off.

Bobby Leahy

Bobby is a social media specialist at Aronson Advertising, and joined the digital team nine months ago. Keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing social media landscape is one of Bobby’s favorite activities while at the office. Summer is approaching quickly, and he’s most excited to get back on his motorcycle and take his dog out for longer walks. Bobby also enjoys baseball and has already attended four Cubs games this year.

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