January Employees of the Month

January 2020 Aronson employees of the month

We’ve got a great team of individuals here at Aronson, and every month we pick three employees who raise the standard of performance for our customers and the rest of the team. We’d like to take a moment to honor their contribution to the culture of excellence here at Aronson by letting you get to know them. But that’s not all. We also reserve the three best parking spaces — right out front — for our employees of the month.

This month, the three Aronson employees who’ll be parking out front are: Account Coordinator Megan Whitehouse, Webmaster Noah Hancock, and art department member Gio Plaza. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about each of them.

Megan Whitehouse

Account Coordinator Megan Whitehouse has been at Aronson since June of 2019. She loves the diversity of her job, as each day brings new challenges for her to learn and manage. After work or on the weekend you can find her playing guitar, hanging out with friends, and traveling. If she was to be an extra in any movie or TV show, she’d be on “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” because she sees similarities between the characters on the show and her interactions with her friends. “Also, being on a show where you sit around talking and drinking coffee sounds like a pretty fun job,” she said.

Noah Hancock

Noah Hancock has been a Webmaster at Aronson for a year. He loves coming to work because of the casual office culture. When he’s not busy making our clients’ websites smooth and functional, Noah’s usually at the gym. If he was to be an extra in any TV show or movie, he’d be in “Archer,” because it’s his favorite show.

Gio Plaza

Gio Plaza has worked in Aronson’s art department for the past seven years. If he could be in any movie, it would be “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” because Clint Eastwood is his favorite actor and he grew up watching spaghetti westerns.

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