Happy Halloween from Aronson Advertising!

It’s that time of year, folks — the trees are shedding their leaves, the hot summer air is replaced with a chilly gust, and all-things-pumpkin are back at your favorite coffee shops. Before we saunter into the winter, we celebrate one of the best holidays: Halloween!

If you’ve read any of our seasonal blogs, then you know that we love to celebrate the holiday season in style with some friendly competition. Some contests and competitions we’ve had in the past include costume contests, turkey-drawing contests, Thanksgiving scavenger hunts, ugly sweater competitions, and desk decorating competitions. Top three winners receive bragging rights and a prize. 

So, how did the crew at Aronson Advertising celebrate Halloween 2021? With a pumpkin carving and costume contest, of course! 

Pumpkin Carving Contest

First things first: you gotta have your pumpkin carved before Halloween! We held a pumpkin carving contest that yielded many amazing creations. For starters, SEO Strategist Jessa Vanderpoel carved “a pumpkin inside a pumpkin inside a pumpkin” — very Inception-esque. Nina Sickafoose and her kids took the painting route and created a well-made Jack and Sally. SEO Manager Jeff Durante carved a classic Ghostbusters logo. And Social Media Manager Alex Castro had some help from the neighborhood critters — is it really Halloween if squirrels don’t eat your pumpkins before you’ve a chance to carve them? 

Everyone had great pumpkins that truly captured the spirit of Halloween, and our team voted on the top three favorites. Webmaster Michelle Deisher came in first place with Mickey Mouse and an incredibly well-done Stranger Things pumpkin. Second place went to Social Media Specialist Kyle Anderson, whose “drunk pumpkin” was accompanied by two bottles of wine. Third place was a three-way tie between Jeff Durante, Account Coordinator Alyssa Mariconda, and Mira Radulova. Congratulations to all my colleagues who won!

Costume Contest

If you ask me, one of the best things about Halloween is dressing up. You get to go all out with your costume, makeup, fake blood — whatever your heart desires. It’s a chance to embody your favorite TV or movie characters, celebrities, athletes, superheroes, and so much more. And this year, we had plenty of awesome costumes, and not just humans — some pets had the opportunity to dress up as well. 

It may be Halloween, but Social Media Specialist Maggie Krebs’ dogs are ready for Christmas, as they donned adorable Santa Claus and Rudolph costumes; Webmaster Manager Jessica Eugene’s dog was dressed up as a police officer; and Jeff Durante and his fiancee dressed up as Chicago Bears players, with their dog being the official “Rufferee”; and other non-pet related costumes included Senior SEO Strategist Matthias Warren, who rocked the classic 80’s look; and Content Writer Chloe Konicki, who dressed up as a purple elf. 

It was definitely hard to choose who had the best costume, as everyone (and their pets) looked amazing. Analytics Manager Bo Suksengdow took home first place with his “Fat Thor” costume, which was hilariously executed. Art Department’s very own John DeBerge won second place with his “Hooty from Disney’s Owl House” costume, and Jessa Vanderpoel received third place with her Entrapta costume. 

Stay Tuned for More Aronson Holiday Events

As mentioned before, we love celebrating the holidays at Aronson Advertising. We’ve got some great holiday events planned out for the 2021 holiday season, so keep an eye on our blog and social media to stay in the know. Want to join in on the fun? Explore our open positions.

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