Happy Halloween From All of Us at Aronson Advertising!

One of our favorite traditions at Aronson Advertising is throwing an annual Halloween lunch celebration. Each year, our teams showcase their individuality and creativity through their unique costumes. To amp up the competition, there are three assigned categories: Funniest, Most Original, and Best Five-Minute Costume. The winners of each category received a Target gift card and bragging rights.

Costume Party Winners

The competition was tight, and voting was done by a consensus of cheers and applause. While there were many great contenders for each category, only one person came out on top for each. Check out our winners below!

Funniest Costume

Winner: Matthias Warren
Costume: Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese

“I got the idea from a Pinterest post and I liked the idea, and it was super easy to make!” Matthias said. Matthias created the mac and cheese container by using a laundry hamper that he cut a hole through. He also rolled up some pieces of construction paper and taped them to his shirt. Very “krafty”!

Most Original Costume

Winner: Joey Ryan
Costume: Goku from Dragon Ball Z

“Dragon Ball Z was one of my favorite tv shows/animes growing up and watching with my friends. There was a lot of action and hope that one could become a super saiyan. When I realized I could, then I dressed up as Goku from Dragon Ball Z. The hair was all natural.”

The hair was most definitely an excellent touch, which I think won over the vote for a lot of us.

Best Five-Minute Costume

Winner: Jess Eugene
Costume: Spice Girl

“I figured since I loved the Spice Girls band growing up it would be a fun costume to wear last minute!” Jess wore an apron and hat with pictures of different McCormick spices taped to the apron. As a fan of the Spice Girls and punny costumes, this was definitely a no-brainer. Jess had my vote.

Halloween Celebration

Our team celebrated Halloween lunch over a shared love for Chipotle. When it came to costumes, everybody brought their A game. From homemade costumes to liquid latex special effects makeup, each costume had a fun backstory to it. It was entertaining to see what everybody came up with and how each one had its own unique touch.

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We hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!

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