Meet the Digital Marketing Team Leads

Our team would like to extend a warm welcome to Amanda Gordon and George Landes, newly appointed digital team managers at Aronson Advertising. Both have brought a unique blend of assets to the table—or should we say desk—as long as they have been at Aronson Advertising, and their new roles at our automotive advertising agency will give them an even greater hand in shaping the future of the digital marketing team. It’s clear that both Amanda and George have many innovative ideas about how to continue to evolve the strongest possible team to best serve clients. With that in mind, we sat down with the new management team to pick their brains on all things digital marketing and Aronson-related.

Educational and Digital Marketing Background

Amanda, who completed her undergraduate degree at St. Xavier University in Organizational Communication, bounced around from Chicago to Las Vegas and San Diego before returning to the Chicagoland area. She will graduate from Northwestern University this August with her Masters of Science in Communication.

George graduated from Carroll College, now Carroll University, with a major in Business Management and a minor in Psychology. With a long-term goal of owning his own business, George included his love of understanding people into a degree that helps him on a daily basis as a manager at Aronson Advertising. He became hooked on SEO while working at a consulting firm taking screenshots of Google rankings, and moved back to Chicago for an opportunity to enter the world of digital marketing. Since then, George has gained invaluable experience working with a variety of clients across a number of verticals, including industry leaders such as Nike, beIN SPORTS, LiftMaster, Regal Cinemas, Pepperdine University, and more.

Favorite Aspect of Digital Marketing

George is quick to mention the smart, passionate team at Aronson Advertising, as well as the outside-of-the-box thinking necessary to achieve success in digital marketing. Since different approaches work for different situations, clients, and circumstances, George is intrigued and excited by understanding these nuances and creating strategies accordingly.

Amanda loves the fact that digital marketing is always evolving, emphasizing how finding new ways to connect ourselves with the digital space presents an exciting challenge and the ability to be creative in ways never before seen possible.

Goals for the Future

An important facet of leading a team, especially a growing one, is the vision to see beyond the nearest horizon. George and Amanda both have their sights set on big-picture progress for the team.

George: “To work with Amanda to further establish and grow this team of professionals to the point where Aronson Advertising becomes a staple in the world of digital automotive marketing.”

Amanda: “To exceed expectations and grow this company in a way that isn’t even visible yet.”

Outside of Work

As hard as George and Amanda work, it’s important to disconnect and achieve a work/life balance. George energizes with hunting, fishing, loving every day, and being an Olympic lifter by morning and night. Amanda loves running, as it gives her an opportunity to mentally work through solutions as she goes.

Favorite Quotes and Principles

Amanda keeps in mind a favorite quote from CEO Douglas Merrill: “All of us are smarter than any of us.”

George gains inspiration from a reminder that we should not be afraid of failing, for it brings with it the opportunity to succeed, and believes in “accepting what is, letting go of what was, and having faith in what will be.”

Contact Our Agency

We look forward to seeing how the digital marketing team can flourish under George and Amanda’s leadership and expertise. If you are interested in the many automotive advertising and marketing services we provide, either digital or traditional, please reach out to Aronson Advertising by emailing or by calling (847) 297-1700.

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