Aronson Thanksgiving Traditions

Ah, Thanksgiving. That fall holiday so many department stores and Christmas décor fanatics skip. Traditionally, Turkey Day activities include visiting loved ones, football-viewing parties, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, and of course, everyone gobbles ‘til they wobble. Here are a few Thanksgiving traditions, festivities, and shenanigans of Aronson employees.

The Ravioli Anomaly

Homemade ravioli

Every year before the big day, Content Writer Gianna and her extended family come together to hand-create a decadent Italian favorite: ravioli. Well, several hundred ravioli to be specific. This tradition involves an assembly line process with several stations that turns tens of pounds of dough, meat, and cheese filling into the delicious staple we all love. The ravioli are enjoyed several days later at Thanksgiving dinner (in addition to a turkey, of course). It’s definitely a time-consuming process, but so worth it!

The KC Plaza Lighting Ceremony

KC Plaza Lighting Ceremony

For more than 80 years, the Country Club Plaza district of downtown Kansas City, MO, has held an annual holiday lighting ceremony (appropriately dubbed “KC Plaza Lighting Ceremony”) the evening before Black Friday. Our very own Regional Director, Robby, braves the elements each year to attend this renowned Thanksgiving festivity with his family. After the usual turkey, stuffing, and pie routine, everyone bundles up and congregates in the heart of the business district, anxiously awaiting the countdown for the plaza to light up. Once the crowd has been dazzled with bright lights, the event is followed by live entertainment, fireworks, and good ‘ole merriness. With an atmosphere you’d find tailgating at a KC Chiefs home game minus the actual game, the KC Plaza Lighting Ceremony is Robby’s “can’t miss family tradition” of the year.

The Friends-giving Skeet Tournament

Gathering with family and friends at Thanksgiving is a must for Content Writer Jennifer. However, events take a less traditional turn the following day when everyone regroups at a local shooting range for some friendly competition. The name of the game is skeet and the objective is simple: break the most clay targets to lead the scoreboard. By the end of the day’s shenanigans, everyone learns a little more about themselves (whether or not you need distance glasses) and respect for the sport.

At the end of the day, we have a lot to be thankful for: loved ones, great food, shared joy, and memories that last a lifetime. Have a festive, safe, and happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Aronson Advertising!

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