A Day In the Life of: The Social Media Team at Aronson Advertising

When the term ‘Social Media’ comes up in casual conversation, a flood of images usually spring to mind. Gifs of cute pets, wordsplosions from Presidential candidates, and flame wars (or all three at once!) can be among the first, but social media platforms have more practical applications as well. Have you thought about how social media can help your car dealership drive conversions? The social media team at Aronson Advertising Inc. in Schaumburg, IL helps our clients not only convert, but build brand awareness, engage with customers, and develop strategies to help our clients bring in customers.

Every team member at Aronson Advertising Inc. has specific strengths that they utilize to manage the various social accounts our clients have, but what do they do to build engagement, raise awareness, and ultimately convert on a day-to-day basis?

Alex’s Day

Social Media Manager Alex starts his day by logging on and checking the budgets for his clients’ Facebook accounts. He boosted a few posts last night, and has seen the additional engagement he was looking for. Alex also tailors his ads to specific demographics and user behavior based on data received from Facebook Business Manager. At 9 AM he brings the entire team together for a meeting to discuss a few pressing issues regarding reporting and asks every team member to double check their daily spend. Alex knows that social media is constantly changing, and leads the team on adjusting strategies to keep their clients ahead of the curve.

Alli’s Day

After the meeting, Alli takes a few of the suggestions Alex made to heart and gets to work adjusting her charity campaigns. Clients that run charity contests often see more engagement and do more to build a positive image for their dealership when they run charity campaigns through Facebook. Alli has become an expert in outreach to charities and getting them to help spread the word about our contest. Today, she has a submission from a new charity, and verifies that it’s a 501c3 non-profit organization and adds them to the voting.

Nancy’s Day

While Alli is working on her charity campaigns, Nancy is growing her clients’ accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest through best practices that have taken years to develop. Nancy has learned the platforms inside and out, and knows how to take advantage of their limitations for our clients’ benefit. She’s great at first crafting a distinctive profile, developing a strong CTA, and making special offers memorable. She’s also not afraid to engage with customers on her social accounts, and believes that pleases and thank you’s go a long way in driving engagement and building brand awareness.

Heidi’s Day

As Nancy crafts her latest Instagram post, Heidi is experimenting with a new client’s Twitter account. She has learned, through trial and error, that a certain tone works well with specific clients might be as effective for others. No two accounts are the same, and finding that voice on social accounts is key to developing a winning strategy. She’s on the hunt for relevant hashtags she can incorporate into posts to further drive engagement, and comes across a unique idea for a funny and all-ages friendly post for one of her accounts. While slang and popular phrases have their place, nothing will replace a well-worded post or animated GIF tie-in.

Does your dealership need help in finding engagement that converts and building brand awareness through social media? Contact the team at Aronson Advertising Inc. to get more details on how we can help your social channels become legitimate revenue streams for your car dealership.

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