The Best Haunted Cars in Film

Do you want something equally silly and scary to enjoy this Halloween? Several cult classic horror films feature cars with a mind of their own that aren’t as friendly as Herbie the Love Bug. If you are looking for some supernatural car-nage to send shivers down your spine, you might enjoy some of these possessed vehicles in film recommended by the Aronson Advertising Inc. team.

Christine (1983)

The best known of all the haunted cars in pop culture, Stephen King’s Christine is an invincible 1958 Plymouth Fury with a mean streak a mile wide. It also has a hand in changing its new owner’s personality for the worse and making his enemies disappear.

Memorable Line:

Archie Cunningham: “Whoa, whoa. You better watch what you say about my car. She’s real sensitive.”

The Car (1977)

A black 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III, possessed by evil incarnate, stalks and terrorizes a small desert town while hunted by the Sheriff’s department. The resemblance to Jaws, released just two years earlier, is obvious.

Fun Fact:

The then-leader of the Church of Satan was brought on as a technical advisor for this film.

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Another story from the mind of Stephen King, a series of inanimate objects are brought to homicidal life by cosmic rays. The movie follows both patrons and employees at a truck stop as they fight a gang of murderous 18-wheelers.

From the Director:

The first and only Stephen King story to be directed by the author himself, King admitted it was one of the worst adaptions of his work. But we suggest that makes it perfect for your next B-Movie night.

Killdozer (1974)

This made-for-TV movie follows a construction crew tasked with preparing a remote island for oil drilling as they fight back against their bulldozer after an evil, bodiless space creature possesses it.

Fun Fact:

Killdozer was adapted into a comic book in Marvel’s World Unknown #6.

The Hearse (1980)

In this campy summer horror flick, a new divorcee spends her summer in her recently deceased aunt’s home, only to be tormented by a ghostly hearse and the fallout of her aunt’s satanic rituals.

Biggest Goof:

The grille of the hearse changes from scene to scene.

Honorable Mention

Rubber (2010)

Not technically about an evil car, this meta horror-comedy features an evil car tire named Robert that comes to life and uses its telekinetic powers to go on a killing spree through a small California town.

Fun Fact:

The director of Rubber, Quentin Dupieux, is also an electronic music DJ who performs under the name Mr. Oizo.

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