2022 Holiday Activities & Celebrations at Aronson Advertising!

The holidays seem to sneak up on us more quickly as the years go by, which only means a month of fun festivities for Aronson Advertising employees to look forward to! Going into our third year of remote working, many holiday celebrations were held through our project management platform and via email, as were posts about our holiday traditions. Plus, we also had a couple of opportunities to hang out with our co-workers in person!

Check out what Team Aronson has been up to this holiday season!

Winter clothing drive

To be collected at the annual holiday party, Aronson employees gathered up like-new clothing items to be donated to children from ages seven to 14 who are in need.

Holiday traditions

Aronson team members were encouraged to share their holiday traditions through Basecamp, our project management platform. 

When team member Sue’s children were younger, she created a fun twist on Elf on a Shelf: Elfcapades! With the concept of “elves getting into mischief,” Sue would set up the scene — like covering the toilet up with wrapping paper and having the elves play a round of Hungry Hungry Hippos — when her kids were asleep, only for them to wake to laughs and smiles. Because Elfcapades are such a wonderful memory for her, Sue continues to come up with creative Elfcapades every Christmastime!

Content team member Sarah S. celebrates Yule, a 12-day Pagan holiday that celebrates the return of the sun and fertility on earth. Yule starts on the winter solstice — the shortest day of the year — and lasts until January 1st. (In fact, many Christmas traditions like gift giving and singing are derived from Yule traditions.) This year, Sarah is making a Yule log centerpiece and dried orange garland to hang around her home. Most importantly, Sarah’s family is inviting their closest friends to celebrate and eat a delicious meal of Cornish hen, roasted root vegetables, cheesy potatoes, a Yule log cake, and wassail, a hot mulled cider or ale.

Feed My Starving Children

An annual company effort, the turnout for the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) — a global charity that sends shelf-stable meals to children in need — volunteer opportunity was incredible. In total, our session packed 46,440 meals to feed 127 kids for one year. There were 26 people on Team Aronson this year, and our group alone made 9,217 meals to feed 25.3 kids for an entire year!

Holiday decorations

Aronson team members showed off their holiday cheer and creativity by sharing their holiday decor. Uniquely designed Christmas trees with bright lights and cherished ornaments are a common staple amongst our teams. A fun holiday top hat was placed atop team member Miggy’s Christmas tree, while a gorgeously styled mantelpiece with lots of white lights and greenery was arranged by SEO director Jess. The stockings were short-lived, though, because as she puts it “…well, toddlers!”

Content team member Sarah S. also shared her growing Christmas village, and PPC manager Marina shared her prized European Christmas market figurines, Karl and Frida. Marina also shared that she displays a small fabric New Year’s tree, handmade by her sister, as her culture decorates the tree for the new year.

Ugly sweater contest

Aronson team members shared photos of themselves donning their ugliest and silliest holiday sweaters (in the most loving way possible). Team member Sue shared her tinsel-filled Christmas wreath sweater — complete with a Christmas tree in the center — while SEO developer Jessa’s gingerbread-man-snapped-in-half certainly gave us all a chuckle (and a hankering for cookies!).

Holiday happy hour

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a specially crafted spirit? Creamy, zesty, and sugary sweet recipes were recommended as a nice compliment for holiday parties or to simply enjoy during a relaxing night at home. PPC team member Keissy’s Venezuelan Ponche Crema (Venezuelan eggnog) is a delicious twist on a beloved holiday beverage by adding rum and flan dessert mix. Team member Miggy’s coquito recipe is one that’s commonly served at Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Puerto Rico. Similar to eggnog, it’s sweet, creamy, and spice-filled thanks to a mixture of full fat coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, and of course, rum.

Wear your holiday PJs to work

For many of us, working remotely goes hand-in-hand with dressing comfortably. However, we took it a step further by encouraging team members to wear their PJs to work! SEO developer Amber shared a photo of her pink-and-black themed jammies with an all-over pattern of everything feminine with images like red lipstick, cat-eye sunglasses, and delicate martini glasses.

Aronson Advertising holiday party & fourth-annual Larry Awards

End-of-the-year events we all look forward to are the annual Aronson holiday party and the Larry Awards! Gathering at a popular barcade restaurant, Aronson employees mingled over cocktails and finger foods, catching up with familiar faces and meeting team members from other departments. We also held our fourth-annual Larry Awards! Named after owner Larry Aronson, the Larry Awards recognize and honor specific teams and individuals for their achievements over the past year. Winners even receive a small statue to place on their desk to serve as a reminder of their accomplishments.

With another successful year in the books, we’re looking forward to doing it all again in 2023!

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Happy holidays from the Aronson Advertising team!

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