Pay Per Click Advertising

At Aronson, our philosophy is simple: increase the quantity of quality traffic. Our paid search strategies are designed to be flexible to the changing landscape and adaptive to our clients’ needs. From campaign inception, we fasten together the efficiencies of programmatic and our hands-on approach to maximize search visibility, improve the quality of clicks, and most importantly, drive leads.

As competition increases, it’s especially important amongst automotive dealerships that ads are relevant and unique, shown to users on websites that reflect the automotive industry, and the landing page is optimized for an effective user experience. By focusing on this approach, we lead our dealers to greater search visibility and opportunities to drive leads at a lower cost. Not to mention, reducing the potential for low engagement, poor ad placements, and risk of click fraud that often come with using only a programmatic solution.

With a keen understanding of the automotive buyer and through the use of real-time bidding, custom keyword lists and ad creation, as well as hand-picked ad placements, the Aronson paid search team can increase the quality of users landing on your website who are interested in purchasing a vehicle.

If you’re interested in increasing your search exposure, beating back your competition, and driving quality leads, contact the Aronson PPC team today!