The Best Non-Programmatic PPC Solution In The Industry!

Aronson digital was founded on the idea of not having software (programs/programmatic) solutions do the work that humans could do better. We noticed that throughout the industry all the major PPC providers were factory mandated or approved programs that did little to nothing for the client. In addition, 99% of these programs are using a fully programmatic solution. That, in essence, means there is software managing your PPC and not a person. This, in turn, creates poor/broad ads and ad placement which then lowers your overall ad quality score. The lower the quality score, the more you pay per click, the less you’re served, and the lower you are on average page position. How does that justify a 20-30% management fee?

Our paid advertising program is completely hand crafted from the ground up. Everything from ad creation to posting and real time bidding is done in house by our high skilled professionals. These professionals not only give you the best quality ad but also change, modify and update your ads on a monthly basis.




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